« Un véritable voyage musical » (Christian Le Yondre, Ouest-France)

« Ça transe, ça swingue, ça rock, ça blues » (Gérard Simon, Culture & Celtie)

« Un répertoire à la fois savant et populaire, capable de séduire le public des concerts comme celui des fest noz » (Didier Saimpaul, Harpes Mag)

All the events

Brittany, Quiberon

Switzerland, Onex

Brittany, Kergrist, 17:00

Brittany, Pluvigner, 19:30

Le Goût de la Vigne

Brittany, Quiberon

Germany, Hofheim-am-Taunus, 20:00

Altes Wasserschloss

Brittany, Langonnet

Brittany, Dinan

Théâtre des Jacobins

Brittany, Dinan

Théâtre des Jacobins

Brittany, Baud

Brittany, Melrand, 21:00

Sport Hall

Brittany, Cléguérec

Brittany, Saint-Brieuc, 20:00

la Citrouille

Brittany, Saint-Brieuc, 12:30

La Passerelle

Brittany, Melrand, 21:00


Brittany, Moreac

Brittany, Cléguérec, 20:00

Salle des Fêtes

Scotland, Edinburgh, 15:00

Merchiston Castle School

Brittany, Melrand, 20:30

Marie Godest

the musicians

Tristan Le Govic

Celtic harp, electroharp, voice

4 Albums

Tristan has been living in Ireland, Scotland and Sweden for many years before coming back to his native Brittany in 2014.
Regularly invited to perform on the main international festivals (Somerset Folk Harp Festival, Moscow Arfavita, Lorient Interceltique Festival, Glasgow Celtic Connections...), he has produced 3 albums and published many music books among them the Breton Harp Anthology (2015).

Tangi Le Hénanff

double bass, electric bass, voice

2 Albums

Multi-instrumentalist, Tangi is interested in jazz, flamenco as well as traditional music. In 2005, he formed the band Menezic with Samuel Le Hénanff with whom he went on a US tour in 2015.
Double bass player of the bands Soadan and Swing du Lundi, he plays also in the trio Koreny, Mishto and performed with many singers (Morro, Zilou, Maelito, Julo, Morwenn Le Normand).

Alan Quéré-Moysan

drum kit, voice

2 Albums

While studying with Jean-Marie Stéphant, then with Stéphane Stanger at the Music Conservatoire of Rennes, his interest for the diversity of musical genres took him into the exploration of varied styles from jazz to metal, from hip-hop to hard-rock, from african percussions to batucada, from funk to rap, etc.
His polyvalent and frenetic style with precision is well reflected when he plays jazz and particularly while improvising within his numerous bands (Janis Madison - hard-rock métal, Little Jack - hard-rock, El Baobab - rock prog, Chaman Haze Squad - rap hip-hop , Doggy Slim Comedy - hard-rock-funk'n roll, The Covers).

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